Read below to understand who we are and why we exist.

Who are we?

Laviot is a community of LGBT+ Jewish women and non-binary people. We have a supportive and active online presence, and host regular London-based events. Laviot is an open space for anyone who feels it is relevant for them. However you define it, we support it.

Head to our website,, for more info and to sign up to our newsletter. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@LaviotUK) for the latest news and updates.

What's in a name?

Laviot (לביאות), or “lionesses”, has a strong tie to all three of our pillars.
Lions are a matriarchal animal system - the females hunt, rear the children and divide labour to the best of each individual's abilities!
The Jewish people are likened to the children of a lioness (Ezekiel 19:2) and when asked what has God made of Jacob and the people of Israel, it is answered, “A people that rises like a lioness” (Barmidbar 23:24).
Lots of lionesses together makes a… PRIDE

Our principles


Laviot fills a gap in the social landscape by harbouring a supportive atmosphere for anyone who self-identifies with our 3 pillars.



Laviot creates a community that extends beyond our members by providing help, both financially and by volunteering our time, to organisations that promote the wellbeing of women, Jews and people on the LGBT+ spectrum.



Laviot hosts regular learning seminars to empower its members with knowledge and information, whether that be secular, religious, political or other.


Laviot tackles discrimination against our members and identities through open dialogue with the wider community.


Laviot acts responsibly with respect to our earth through creating events that are veggie & vegan friendly, minimising waste, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Where do you fit in?

If you are an LGBt+ Jewish woman or non-binary person, we consider you a member. Sign up for our monthly Newsletter and come along to any (and all) of our events. You can also follow Laviot on Twitter and Instagram and join our Facebook group.

If you don't identify with our three pillars but your partner does, don't worry about it. We regularly host events that welcome partners. The same goes for siblings, parents, children, friends, and any allies that are out there! You're a much-needed part of the wider Laviot community and we want to involve you as much as possible, whilst maintaining a central space for our members. Sign up to our quarterly newsletter to find out how you can help and what events are open to you.

Laviot is a community for LGBT+ Jewish women and non-binary people. However you define it, we support it.
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