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Gabi, the co-founder and event manager

Hi! I'm Gabi. I grew up in Brighton (yes, I am just that cool!) and moved to North London in 2014. After 5 long years at Drama School I decided to do a complete U-turn and teach yoga full time. When I'm not prancing around teaching yoga I can usually be found trying out all the vegan junk food London has to offer. Laviot, for me, represents a space where my identities collide; where my bisexuality is part of my Judaism and vice versa. In my spare time I volunteer for a few charities that are close to my heart and I am currently on a bit of a feminist book binge! Have you got any good recommendations for me?


Co-founder & Events Manager

Oli, the co-founder and online content manager

Hi! I'm Oli. My bucket list has only ever had two items on it: observe a sea turtle in its natural habitat, and be on The Ellen Show. I crossed the first one off during my two year stint in Australia (you may be able to detect the slightest twang of an accent), where I finished my BSc in Zoology (so I know all the cool animal facts). So that just left Ellen, which motivated Laviot. That and because I wanted to create a space where I could continue many of the practices and traditions of my United Synagogue upbringing whilst also being a queer feminist. When I'm not practising my interview skills for Ellen, I'm often cooking, rereading Harry Potter, or trying to fit movie quotes into everyday conversation. Come and chat and see if you can spot them!


Co-founder & Digital Content Manager

rhiannon, the financial manager

Hi! I’m Rhiannon. In an attempt to integrate into queer culture, I have three badges on my backpack: a rainbow, a Magen David, and an Eco Warrior shield (from the days of school badges), and these have me down to a tee. My Judaism shapes the way I view the world and my place in it, and I cannot wait to take up one that is so unapologetically queer and Jewish. I am (somewhat) obsessed with the environment, and our relationship with it, and also big-time with the animals that live in it. You can often find me watching hours of nature documentaries, or pining after others’ dogs as I walk past. When I first heard about Laviot I couldn’t believe that other people had been feeling the same gap in their lives, at the same time! I couldn’t wait to get involved, and be a part of a community who really understand and have experienced some of the same struggles that I have as a queer Jewish woman. Jewish ancestry is full of activism of all kinds, and I'm continuing this trend. Would love to hear any ideas you have!


Financial Manager


Hi! I’m Natasha. I studied at Drama School for 4 years and have stuck with the industry - I’m currently working as an actor/musician. Fun fact about me I can play 8 instruments – not including voice. I absolutely love being creative and connecting to people in the form of storytelling. When I’m not performing I teach music and drama to kids, get carried away over Harry Potter and superheroes, and I’m obsessed with animals, especially rescue dogs... I want all of them! Growing up I heard many times that I should fit in, and that was something I never did well. I’m still working out my identity and I found Laviot to be a space for people like me who don't fit into a box and who are still working out who they are. Here, everyone fits exactly as they are, and that's why I joined committee. So bring your whole self to an event and see if you can guess all 8 instruments!


Design Manager

A lioness

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Laviot is a community for LGBT+ Jewish women and non-binary people. However you define it, we support it.
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