Six Shows With Lesbian/ Bisexual Women That You Should’ve Watched By Now

All the way from Australia, Communications graduate and seasoned TV watcher (pun intended), Shoshana Gottlieb, shares with us her favourite shows featuring lesbian and bisexual women characters.


THE SHOW: Killing Eve (BBC America)

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh play Villanelle and Eve, an assassin and the MI6 agent tracking her. It doesn’t take long before they both become obsessed with each other.

HOW GAY IS IT: Pretty damn gay. Villanelle beds multiple women throughout both seasons, but the real queerness lies within the building tension between Villanelle and Eve as their mutual obsession grows. It’s intriguing, it’s erotic, and season two definitely delivers on the goods. Also, Sandra Oh’s hair is otherworldly.


THE SHOW: Gentleman Jack (HBO)

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Set in 1832, it’s based on the coded diaries of Anne Lister, a landowner from Yorkshire, and details her life and relationships.

HOW GAY IS IT: It’s like, super gay, dude. Anne’s diaries were written in code for a reason — a lot of the four-million-word count covers her affairs with various women and the time they spent together. She wears suits instead of traditional dresses and starts collecting rent for her father’s estate, a job usually reserved for men. And in the first episode, she meets Ann Walker, with whom she had a six-year relationship. Suranne Jones plays Anne with such genuineness, it’s impossible not to like her. And it’s INTERESTING and TREATS ITS WOMEN LIKE PEOPLE! Like, screw Game of Thrones, give me historical lesbians any day of the week.


THE SHOW: The Bold Type (Freeform)

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Three best friends - Jane, Sutton and Kat - living in New York City and working in various departments at Scarlett Magazine.

HOW GAY IS IT: Like a perfect amount of gay. One of the first season’s main storylines is Kat falling in love with a Muslim lesbian named Adena and discovering her queerness, something which is explored in the next two seasons. The show doesn’t shy away from Kat’s relationships either — Kat and Adena’s relationship is pretty much always front and centre, and their relationship feels natural and real in its progression. And besides for the gay stuff, it’s also just the feel good, female empowerment show you need right now.


THE SHOW: Take My Wife (Seeso/Starz)

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Standup comedians Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher play themselves, a lesbian couple trying to balance their work and relationship.

HOW GAY IS IT: The most gay. Take a second now to google both Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher. Go on, do it. Maybe watch some clips of their standup. They’re the type of lesbians you think of when someone says, ‘Hey, picture two lesbians.’ It’s funny and it’s heartfelt and you can tell they’re both just having an absolute blast making it. Sadly, there are only two seasons of the show available. But the good news is, they’re both amazing.


THE SHOW: GLOW (Netflix)

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: A struggling actress helps create (real) 1980s wrestling TV show, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

HOW GAY IS IT: Not gonna lie, could be gayer. For a show where like 90% of the cast is women and they’re always wearing leotards, it could definitely be gayer. That being said, season two does introduce a lesbian character. But other than that, it’s by far one of Netflix’s best original series and very much underrated.


THE SHOW: Jane the Virgin (The CW)

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Jane is waiting until she’s married to have sex for the first time. She also gets accidentally artificially inseminated and falls pregnant. Wacky hijinks ensue.

HOW GAY IS IT: It definitely gets gayer. Jane the Virgin is one of those rare shows where the writers listened to fans. Fans had been insisting that one of the characters, Petra, was queer because, well, she acted super gay. And then, in season four, she meets Jane Ramos (not the virgin one) and they start dating because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why not? Oh, and Jane Ramos is played by Rosario Dawson so you’re welcome.

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