Laviot is a community of LGBT+ Jewish women and non-binary people. We have a supportive and active online presence, and host regular London-based events. Laviot is an open space for anyone who feels it is relevant for them.
However you define it, we support it.



Laviot was created in the summer of 2018 by two people with a common goal: to build a community for women and non-binary people who are LGBT+ and Jewish. We wanted Laviot to be a space where we could be all those things fully, at the same time, and meet others in the same niche intersection of identities.

Our core community is those who lie in this intersection, and supporting our core we have many brilliant allies. Though our events primarily cater to our core community, we create regular programming open to our allies too, whether that be everyone across the LGBT+ spectrum, all Jews or absolutely everyone.

It was important that our community be social and accessible and so we have an online home alongside our regular in person events. Everyone at Laviot is volunteering their time and services to help us make our vision a reality.



Our Judaism is non-denominational. Our events are Kosher and Shabbat friendly where possible, and always fully vegetarian.


We make space for everyone who considers themself under the LGBT+ umbrella, no matter what letter you identify with, or where you sit on the gender diversity and attraction spectrums.


You don't have to be female, have a vagina or two x chromosomes, we welcome gender diversity here.

Upcoming [Online] Events
Crafternoon: Succah Edition
Thu, Oct 01
Zoom details on request
Oct 01, 8:00 PM
Zoom details on request
It's paperchain time!
Motzei Moshpit: Simcha Edition
Sun, Oct 11
Details on Request
Oct 11, 9:00 PM
Details on Request
We're bringing back the virtual disco with a bit of simcha music thrown in
Book Club
Wed, Sep 16
Zoom details on request
Sep 16, 8:00 PM
Zoom details on request
Could this be London's first Jewish women and non-binary LGBT+ book club?
Games Night
Thu, Sep 10
Zoom details on request
Sep 10, 8:00 PM
Zoom details on request
Because online, you can't flip the monopoly board over!
M.A.R.V.O. Escape Room Part 2
Tue, Sep 01
Details on booking
Sep 01, 8:00 PM
Details on booking
Join us for part 2? Booking is essential!




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