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We chose the name Laviot (לביאות), Hebrew for “lionesses”, because it has a strong tie to all three of our identity pillars.

Lions are a matriarchal animal system - the females hunt, rear the children and divide labour to the best of each individual's abilities!

The Jewish people are likened to the children of a lioness (Ezekiel 19:2) and when asked what has God made of Jacob and the people of Israel, it is answered, “A people that rises like a lioness” (Barmidbar 23:24).

Lots of lionesses together makes a… PRIDE

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Hi! I'm Gabi. I grew up in Brighton (yes, I am just that cool!) but now live in North London and work as a yoga teacher. I can usually be found trying out all the vegan junk food London has to offer. Laviot, for me, represents a space where my identities collide; where my bisexuality is part of my Judaism and vice versa.




Hi! I'm Oli. I grew up Orthodox but secularly educated in London, and now in adulthood I am trying to fit together my Jewish traditions, feminist values and LGBT+ experience, which is how Laviot was born. On the side, I work in data science, and I'm often cooking, writing quizzes, or trying to fit movie quotes into everyday conversation.

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We also have an incredible team of volunteers who help make Laviot happen. We are hugely grateful to our "cubs", as we call them, who manage to fit Laviot time into their busy schedules as and when they can. If you'd like to help out, we'd love to have you.

Get in touch with us here or email us.

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